Due to Hurricane Matthew’s severe impacts on our combat course, the October 2016 Combat Mud Run will be cancelled. With trees on the course, damaged obstacles, dangerously flooded areas filled with debris, and (as our team found out surveying) snakes and other critters roaming the course. Organizers have decided we will not have be the several weeks needed to clear and refurbish the course. While we would love to postpone a week or two to still have the event, we are limited by the National Guard as to when we can use the site. Thus, we will be holding off the fall race until our April Combat Mud Run at the same location.

Therefore participants who have signed up have three options:

Option 1: Full Refund. While technically the waiver language says we don’t have to refund money, we almost always do. You paid for the event, Hurricane Matthew had other ideas, and now Step Up for Soldiers and Go Time will make good on refunds from all who request them. Even though many services and equipment have already been purchased for the event.

Option 2: Defer to the April Race. Participants who have paid may elect to defer to our April event free of charge.

Option 3: Partial Refund. To help Step Up for Soldiers in their mission to provide disabled veterans who experienced loss of limb and mobility with the resources necessary to adjust in a post-war environment, we are hoping some of our participants will want to donate a percentage of what they paid back to Step Up For Soldiers. You tell us what you are comfortable in donating from your refund to this year's event and rest easy knowing you are supporting one of the most impactful nonprofits in eastern North Carolina. Just tell us how much you’d like back and we will use the rest to make sure combat veterans coming home to our area are treated with the love and respect they deserve. The money you’d like back will show up on your card within 48 hours.

Our goal at Go Time is to make participant experience is our top priority – and we think we can add to your experience by giving you a chance to give a little to this awesome organization. If you can, cool. If not, we understand and have confidence that in the way our team handled this situation we have earned your trust. Thank you all for understanding, and thank you for choosing to race with Step Up for Soldiers.

On behalf of Kim Munley, president of Step Up for Soldiers,

Colin Hackman, president Go Time Race Management



Event Director

Thomas Russell
910.297.4981 910.297.4981


Steve Ritter
703.939.1241 703.939.1241

Food Vendors

Steve Ritter
703.939.1241 703.939.1241


Bryan Keller
910.470.7022 910.470.7022


Shannon Spicknall
910.233.1055 910.233.1055


Michelle Hackman
910.859.9501 910.859.9501

Day of Info:

Packet Pick-up:
Day of Event

What to Bring:
Picture Id, Money for food vendors, towel (portable showers available for FREE), Folding Chairs.

What NOT to Bring:
Alcohol, coolers, weapons of any kind.

Bibs & Chips:
Pick-up at check-in.

FREE inside the event grounds.

Ceremony 1 winner per division.

Food, music & entertainment.

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